That’s me! Kayzie Priebe, a 21-year-old college Student at Ball State University. Being an English Major I have learned that writing can be used in many different ways and in many different outlets. Taking a look into my personal studies and life I could see two major themes in my writing, grammar and its specific rolls in my life and how my audience changed my writing.

When it comes to grammar I tend to be a “grammar Nazi” no matter the situation I have to either have correct grammar or correct the grammar being used. When I am looking into my major form of communication, texting, I can see how much my “grammar Nazi” comes out. I also make it a point to call someone out when they’re making a grammatically incorrect statement in a text message. That is ONE thing that I simply cannot stand and make sure that I do on a daily basis, I cannot handle someone using the wrong “your” or “there” and I have to correct them in their mistakes. In my text message with “Danielle Best Frand” you can see that I am correcting her wrongful use of “IDK” and “you’re” and this is something I cannot stop myself from doing. I drive myself crazy trying to correct the worlds poor grammar so I have tried my hardest to let the small things go.

When it comes to grammar in my note taking and daily scribble I still find it necessary to have complete sentences and use correct grammar. I found when actually looking at my work and studying how I took my notes, I could see how tedious it was to take notes this way and now I realize why I can’t keep up with what the teacher is saying and way my hand hurts so bad. It would be so much easier for me if I could just simply type out my notes carefree or write down my shopping list without a methodical, grammatical plan. Caring about grammar so much can really put a damper on your day, especially when you have to bring it into every aspect of your life.

When it comes to social media and grammar I am ever MORE anal about my punctuation and spelling! I don’t know how it can get any worse than taking notes in, full grammatically correct, sentences but ohhhhh trust me it can. Twitter only allows you 140 characters to get your life changing tweet out into the world; I for one will never post a tweet that is grammatically incorrect just to save those god forsaken 2 characters to post the tweet.  I also make a point of using correct grammar in my tweets as if I was writing to a professor or completing a collegiate

Paper. I think that if you’re putting something on social media that the world will be able to see then you must use correct grammar. If you think about how permanent social media is and how any person can simply look up your name and what you post, you think you would want to use correct spelling and grammar? Right?! I guess it is just another one of my “Grammar Nazi” personalities.

            I also find that when either sending an email to a professor or a friend I am using the same formal grammar, I am checking what I have written and I am making sure that everything is in the correct order to be seen by someone else. I think that people often abuse emailing and someone times come off as unintelligent because they simply did not go over their email or writing. I always make a point of using the correct grammar and punctuation for that reason.

Grammar may be one thing I noticed in my writing but I also noticed how my audience changed the way I write, silly huh? Well, actually this is a very smart thing! In rhetoric you always have to consider your audience and how you’re going to be talking to this audience. You would not talk to same way to a group of five year old children as you would to a group of grown doctoral students, would you?  You always have to be mindful of your audience and how they will perceive your writing.

I specifically remember writing a short story about my grandmother’s battle with cancer and how hard her death was but I simply forgot to keep in mind that I would be sharing this with an audience.  I wrote the story as if I was writing in my personal journal and I forgot that some people might not want to know all the gruesome details of my grandmother’s battle with leukemia. Sure enough, when I took the story to be work shopped all everyone had to say is that some details are meant to be left un-talked about. I remembered then that I need to always keep my audience in mind and not forget how they will feel when reading my work.

I realized that the way I write in my creative writing class is much different then the way I write in my writing and rhetoric class. I am being aware of my audience and I am adapting the way I write to fit the audience’s needs. I notice that in my creative writing class I am much more lenient in my word choice and I try and have fun in my writing. When in rhetoric I am very formal and try and answer the prompt as direct as I can, I also use a bigger vocabulary. I found that I like writing creative writing much more because of the freedom it gives you, but I am glad I am good at being able to read my audience and pick the write form of writing because that is a skill I use regularly in the English world.

I have always been one to be concerned about my audience but it was not till ENG 210 that I learned how to be conscious about my audience and tailor my writing to be appropriate for a certain audience. I find it very interesting that you have to use many different styles and types of writing to actually be successful in writing to many different audience; I have also found that being an English major I have really learned how to use the audience to my advantage and this is not something that came to me easily. I think that be aware of your writing is something ever student should be able to do.

I think that being aware of your writing and taking advantage of something we learned since we were five is something ever person should do. I couldn’t believe some of the things I found when researching my writing and I couldn’t believe how much it actually improved my writing. I think writing is something we take for granted and we do not realize the full affect of the things we could be posting on the internet or the audience our writing is geared towards, by simply being aware of our audience and taking the time to spell things correctly you can change the way people look at you. Not many people consider the affects that using poor grammar on social media or in papers can actually have on them, ANYONE can see what you post and anyone can form an opinion of you by what you post. By simply taking the time to correctly write a sentence or tweet you can change a whole lot of things!

I would definitely recommend you try an autoethnography and take a closer look into your writing. I know how much this excursive helped myself and I know how much it can help you as well. Just simple take the time to look closely at your writing, write down when you write, how you write, and which way you write. Keep a journal of these things and reflect after a couple of days! That’s all you have to do! HAVE FUN and write on!


MENTORING MATTERS!!! Be a Mentor, change lives

I am very involved in the Miss America Organization and as my personally platform I proudly support Mentoring Matters. I have a strong love for helping todays youth and I have a passion for making sure that our youth is on the right path. Being so involved in mentoring I have found myself dedicating all my time to mentoring. I am the Vice President of Ball States College Mentors For Kids and we proudly support over 130 kids in becoming a better person! In College Mentors For Kids we each get paired with a little buddy and teach them about the importance of college and learning in their every day lives. We strive to work on three major principles listening, participation, and knowledge and I make sure my group does just that. Each week we meet with our little buddies and have an event planned to immerse them into a learning environment. We are someone these children can look up to and we give someone to believe in them when, maybe, no one does. College Mentors for Kids is where it all started for me and I have blossomed in mentoring since then. I mentor at the Boys and Girls club and in an after school English program. I find every second of my day being consumed with thoughts of how I can HELP children. It is so important that anyone who can support a child and be a mentor DOES!Image

When Starting a Blog….

I’ve never really been one to write for the world to see, but being an English major I decided that… maybe… just maybe… it was time that I share my writing with the world. I guess I could start by introducing myself and a little of what you would expect from my “blog”. My name is Kayzie and I am DEFF. not your typical 21 year old college student… one would assume I love to party, go to the bars, and have the best of social lives… well I would be lying if I said that was me. I am a hopeless romantic, a volunteer, a friends, an ear to listen, a peageant queen (we will talk about that later), and pretty much everything you wouldn’t expect from a college student (except the foul mouth… WHOOPS!). I really just decided that it was time to write about things that I experienced in college in the hopes that some people could relate. I’ve never been one to blog, let alone share my writing with people, so I hope to get my writing out there and people actually enjoy it. There will be plenty more to come!